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Here at db Island Studios we offer Mastering Services as the final step in the recording and mixing process. 

We will take your final audio recording and apply professional mastering techniques including but not limited to EQ, Compression, Stereo Imaging, De-Essing, Limiters, etc. to deliver you a master with clarity, warm low-end punch, stereo depth and detail along with an optimum loudness level that meets industry standards.

If you want to sound professional and compete with the loudness war in the music industry, it is absolutely critical that you have your music mastered.  It's the most important aspect that makes your sound match with the rest of the music industry.

Mastering Rates:
We offer our Mastering Services at a flat rate of $30.00 per song

The Choice is Yours
By using an a la carte system you only pay for the services that you require and you know up front exactly what your costs are going to be so that you can budget appropriately. 

Please visit our SAMPLES PAGE to hear some clips of songs that have been Mixed and Mastered here at db Island Studios.


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